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Peace Pilgrim

On her pilgrimage from
January 1, 1953 till July 7, 1981

On the web since September 1995


"We who work for peace must not falter. We must continue to pray for peace and to act for peace in whatever way we can, we must continue to speak for peace and to live the way of peace; to inspire others, we must continue to think of peace and to know that peace is possible." Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim photo by James B. Burton
Peace Pilgrim
(Photo by James B. Burton)

From 1953 to 1981 a silver haired woman calling herself only "Peace Pilgrim" walked more than 25,000 miles on a personal pilgrimage for peace. She vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food." In the course of her 28 year pilgrimage she touched the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of individuals all across North America. Her message was both simple and profound. It continues to inspire people all over the world:

"This is the way of peace: overcome evil with good,
and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love."

This site is devoted to information about Peace Pilgrim. If you are new to Peace Pilgrim you might want to begin with Steps Toward Inner Peace - the transcript of a talk that Peace Pilgrim gave in Los Angeles in 1964. This has become a spiritual classic. It outlines her pilgrimage and, more importantly, her peace message that covered the entire peace picture: peace among nations, groups, individuals, and the very important inner peace - because that is where peace begins. For a quick overview visit the "Steps" Summary.

Access "Steps" in 30 Languages.

Steps Toward Inner Peace audio - English mp3.
This is a reading of the first 14 pages and includes the
entire KPFP radio section of the booklet.

Spanish "Steps" audio - Pasos hacia la Paz Interior - mp3.

Romanian Steps audio - Vietnamese Steps audio.

Audio/Video Resources

Visit our Audio/Video page for links to talks and video about Peace Pilgrim

Watch the entire hour long documentary
Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk
Thanks to Sharon Janis of Night Lotus Productions the film's editor.

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The Peace Pilgrim Book

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The entire text of the book 
Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words
is available on this site.

PDF version of our book suitable
for tablets and e-readers.

Audio Book on SoundCloud

If you would like to receive a free print copy of the book

Read or download on Google Books

In Spanish - Peregrina de Paz

Peace Pilgrim Book in 12 Languages
English, French, Chinese, Dutch, German,
Italian, Portuguese, Persian, Romanian,
Russian, Spanish, Tamil


While on her pilgrimage, Peace Pilgrim kept her many friends informed of her travels and experiences by publishing a newsletter called Peace Pilgrim's Progress.   These newsletters and related documents were important source material for the book.

You can also find a brief chronology and comments listing important dates in Peace's life and pilgrimage and the comments of some who were touched by her message.

A more detailed account of Peace Pilgrim's early life and additional background and reference material can be found in PEACE PILGRIM, An Extraordinary Life by Ann Rush.

Author Marta Daniels has also written a comprehensive biography of Peace Pilgrim. A shorter version of this bio is included in the Encyclopedia of Notable American Women published by the Harvard University Press.

Paul Astin of California had an opportunity to transcribe an unpublished journal kept by Peace Pilgrim in the 1940s. You can learn more about the journal on his blog.

Frank Ziesing in Germany has created another short biography of Peace Pilgrim in German: Eine optimistische Wanderschaft zum Frieden.

Two articles about Peace Pilgrim share insights on how her message has continued to influence people around the world:
The Living Legacy of Peace - by Mary Newswanger
An Interview with author John Robbins

A Coloring Storybook for Children is included in its entirety.  Enjoy the lively text and drawings.


Peace Pilgrim's 1952 Appalachian Trail Hike

In 1952, the year before the pilgrimage, Peace Pilgrim (then Mildred Norman Ryder) became the first woman to walk the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in one season. Learn more about this historic journey. Read Friends of Peace Pilgrim board member Bruce Nichols' account of his 2002 50th anniversary AT hike.


On November 19th of 2000 a life size statue of Peace Pilgrim was unveiled and dedicated at the United Nations University for Peace in Cologne, Costa Rica.  For an account and pictures of the event see Peace Pilgrim Statue.


Annual celebrations are held in Egg Harbor City, NJ, Peace Pilgrim's birthplace. For dates and information visit


If you would like to get a free copy of  "Steps Toward Inner Peace" or other information about Peace Pilgrim, please contact:

This non-profit, all volunteer group is dedicated to making information about Peace Pilgrim and her message available to all who ask. In 30 years almost 500,000 copies of the book Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words have been published and offered to all who ask. Two million copies of Steps Toward Inner Peace are now in print in over 29 languages and have been distributed world wide. Many small donations support this work.

Friends of Peace Pilgrim also publishes a NEWSLETTER containing interesting information about how Peace Pilgrim's life and message continue to inspire people and groups worldwide. Current issue #62 Winter 2017 now online. 

Since 1994 Mayte Picco-Kline, counselor for the exploration of inner potential and translator of the Peace Pilgrim Book into Spanish, has been publishing a Spanish language newsletter - Travesía en Paz (formerly Enlace Internacional.)

If you find information about Peace Pilgrim interesting, please come back. These pages will continue to evolve and expand.

Peace and Blessings

revised 03/20/2017