Spring/Summer 2000 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 33

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
1999 Peace Walk
Pen Pals
Healers for Peace
Cross Burnings
Webmaster Update
Peace Pilgrim on the Radio
Mother's Day Proclamation
University Offers Peace Study
Peace Pilgrim Statue in Costa Rica
More About the Statue
A Vital Message

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

We are so happily busy responding to Peace Pilgrim requests that there is often no time for our daily walk. We did walk to see the mountain lilac bush nearby.. MOUNTAIN lilac in the desert? Rare, this is the only one - now blooming with beautiful delicate lavender flowers. Every Spring we walk to see this rare flowering bush.

We are receiving more requests all the time - letters and phone calls from around the world. We are not a big enough operation to do justice to it all. For instance, we receive many letters with stories about where and how you found Peace Pilgrim's message and how it has affected your lives. I put those letters with good quotes and stories in a special shelf and have usually been able to go through them. But I haven't had time, and here it is Newsletter time! If you are wondering why we did not put your good story in, or tell about the book you sent, maybe it will be in next time. There seems to be increasing interest in Peace Pilgrim's message.

Friends of Peace Pilgrim in Costa Rica want to bring special attention to Peace Pilgrim's message during this "International Year for the Culture of Peace" as proclaimed by the United Nations. See pages 6 & 7.

Several friends are concerned that we need more room for our very important work. Nancy Poer, a teacher of Waldorf School teachers would like the Peace Pilgrim Center to be next to their ranch near Placerville in the foothills of the Sierras, a very beautiful wooded area. In our next newsletter, we plan on printing more about our growing need for a larger, on-going, permanent Peace Pilgrim Center. Some of these friends formed a committee called: "Friends of Friends of Peace Pilgrim" to help us grow.

Another friend, Kathy Miller, who has given over her home to the Documentary Crew, has loved so much being a part of a Peace Pilgrim operation that she wants to spend her retirement years helping to spread her message.

Here are some samples of our days: A call from Holland for more STEPS for her Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. One day we packaged boxes of books for India, Alaska and Thailand. On another day we had a phone call and fax from Alaska, a family of four from Japan, and a call from a group in Alaska studying Peace's book once a week. We packaged a box of books for an Indian who wants to translate the book into Gandhi's language, Gujarati. Meera Bhatt, a devoted Gandhian worker, has translated STEPS into Gujarati and also plans on translating the book. We hope they have gotten together on this project.

1999 PEACE WALK        (Back to TOC)

From TEMPORARY TIMES, a prison newsletter

The Peace Walk was born out of a therapy group watching a documentary video called, THE SPIRIT of PEACE. The walk was designed to last for one week with strong support. The project grew into the entire month of October...walking for peace. It is pledged that each candidate carry out a one-half hour walk, up to 2-3 days a week during morning, afternoon or evening yard periods.

The purpose of this walk is to promote peace and it is not limited to peace following a violent act or a war, but also for the pain or distress that we go through as inmates. This also symbolizes participation in the 1999 Peace Movement. On January 1, 1999, the Peace Movement began a run that has a runner in it 24 hours a day, until December 31, 1999. It is designed to cover all countries in the world. The subject of the video, PEACE PILGRIM, walked over 25,000 miles in the name of peace, inspired the class to come together and play an essential role in the Peace Movement of 1999. (The peace walk was supported by many organizations and individuals.)

RUSSIA - I have been fortunate to get acquainted with the STEPS booklet which I find so interesting and wonderful booklet to be.

I am a guy of about 19 years of age. It's a curious fact that I wouldn't say I like poring over books, but despite this I found myself so greatly intent with it. I'm afraid I cannot hope to convey to you a correct feeling that affected me on reading this booklet. For one thing it left an indelible impression upon my mind and it did give me food for contemplation and put me in a mood of reflections.

After having read it several times the inclination to figure out more was awakened. I think that its impossible to get a thing properly into one's understanding without comprehending it. Therefore referring to the mention of opportunity of getting PEACE PILGRIM book, I would love to have it sent to my address. I make sure I can understand English there's no difficulty in reading it in original. I am so infinitely obliged to you in advance.

PEACE PILGRIM - "Our lives are ordered and arranged for us in many wonderful ways if we allow it to happen."

PRISONER - First of all I want to thank God for all of you. I am reading the PEACE PILGRIM book. By the time I had read up to page 45 I had to stop and write my wife and tell her about the book. I am 44 years of age and I have never read a more heart-felt book. It has given me more insight to God than the Bible and that's because I'm reading about a person who lived the Bible. He asks for a copy to be sent to his wife.

PEN PALS     (Back to TOC)

By Dan Menkin, 11408, Francis Place, LA, CA 90066

Several years ago I connected with Chris, another reader of this newsletter, who lives in a prison. We began a rich and rewarding correspondence, exploring many ideas associated with inner peace.

In the summer of 1998 I learned that Chris was working 60 hours a week at his prison "job," receiving about 15 cents an hour so that he could save money to buy his daughter a birthday present that fall. His health was suffering, and he didn't have energy for activities, such as sharing what he was learning about inner peace with the other prisoners.

After receiving his letter explaining this situation, I was given an inspiration; it seemed so right and lovely that I sent the following proposal to him: If you will cut out back your "work" hours, I will pay you double what you are earning (30 cents/hour - big deal!) to organize and lead a Peace Pilgrim study group there. Three nights a week, three hours each night, for ten weeks will earn you $27, enough for the gift you want to buy.

To sweeten the offer a bit, I also offered to send an equal amount to the Peace Pilgrim center to help pay for any materials they sent him for the study group. I kept his accrued "salary" and ordered various mail order catalogues to be sent to him when he decided on the toy he wanted for his daughter. I ordered and paid for it with his "earnings" from our agreement, bypassing the bureaucracy of the prison system and assuring his daughter received her gift from daddy on time.

I will never know whose hearts were touched by learning about Peace Pilgrim in this way, but it sure made me feel good! It is rare in my life to be able to give such a meaningful gift for so little expenditure. And I had the added blessing of knowing that my friend, whose health was not the greatest, was working less and opening himself more to Peace's life and words through sharing them with others.

For additional information, you can write to my friend directly: Chris Dewalt, No. 35662, Unit 02, P.O Drawer 1328, Los Lunas, NM 87031-1328.

ILLINOIS - I keep PEACE PILGRIM at my bedside as a ready source of inspiration.

PRISONER - Hi, I've gotten hold of the Peace booklet and it is starting to change my life. I understand what you are saying about peace and love and I like it. It's a cool concept and I am already starting to apply the information in my daily life! If you could please send me the Peace booklet and the Peace Pilgrim book, I would really appreciate it. If the Peace booklet can do this much for me, I can only imagine what the book will do, so you will be hearing more from me. Thank you for helping me to realize the truth and begin the change for peace in my life.

RUSSIA - I would like to express my gratefulness for such an awesome book PEACE PILGRIM, which you kindly sent me. As I look at the word "gratefulness" it doesn't begin to tell what I really feel. It is something more deeper and stronger. The book makes me so excessively happy indeed, for that I am infinitely indebted to you.

It seems to me that the message "Overcome evil, etc should be made known to everyone on earth, because it points the way to the future destiny of the world. However my attempts to share the message with my friends are in vain. They just let it go by. I think that our lives are becoming more busy nowadays. We run from one thing to another focusing on the ephemeral, whereas we are supposed, as I am willing to believe, to spend some time with ourselves in introspection, in development.

Personally, by doing so it was a new start for me, and the book helped me a lot in many ways. I'm so happy to see the progression of mine. How well do I remember one evening dark and starry, when I was reading the book and my Mom showed a friendly interest in it. What once sounded strange and unbelievable now sounds reasonable and plausible. Nowadays, I translate for my Mom whenever my free time coincides with hers. I ask to be on your mailing list and to have Peace materials sent to me which might most contribute to my spiritual growth.

CALIFORNIA - After telling us he doesn't want to miss any Newsletters. "You once sent me all the books and videos I wanted without any charge at a time I needed them to help me get through a spiritual crises. I shall always be grateful. Also, I have been delighted that you work with the Human Kindness Foundation. A gift to find words of Bo Lozoff and Thich Nhat Hanh in the newsletter, as they are two of my three greatest contemporary spiritual inspirations, the third being Peace Pilgrim, of course!


We have eighty Peace Pilgrim Year 2000 calendars left. These calendars, made by Bruce Nichols, feature twelve photographs of Peace Pilgrim while in the midst of her pilgrimage. They also display a Peace Pilgrim quote for each month.


The Healer's Symposium 2000, Gala Millennium Tune-Up, organized by Reiki Peace Network and Reiki University, (www.ReikiPeaceNetwork.com), was held in New York City. Twelve outstanding healers volunteered their time and dynamic healing skills, to integrate information on Reiki and holistic healing modalities with alternative, complementary and allopathic medicine. This was the first of its kind in the New York area.

All proceeds from the symposium (after fixed costs) were dedicated to three peace organizations: Friends of Peace Pilgrim, The Common Bond Institute (which gathers in St. Petersburg each year to effectuate conflict resolution), and The World Peace Prayer Society. Each conference participant was given a packet of materials, which included a copy of PEACE PILGRIM IN HER OWN WORDS. Over two cases of books were distributed. Reiki Peace Network and Reiki University have distributed hundreds of STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE booklets through mailings. A copy of the Peace Pilgrim book has been given to each Reiki University student who has taken a hands-on healing workshop for the past several years. Reiki Peace Network donates to Friends of Peace Pilgrim to cover the costs of each book, always adding an additional donation as a contribution to promote and support Peace.

The Healer's Symposium speakers included moderator Ellen Louise Kahne, founder and president of Reiki Peace Network and Reiki University, who delivered the keynote address on The Power of Reiki - Teaching World Peace. Ellen visited the Peace Pilgrim Center and treated us with healthy ideas and Reiki. We have heard from several friends who read a wonderful article by her in the ARE magazine.


By Ed Chasteen, Founder of HateBusters & Coordinator of Clergy and Church Against Race Violence

MAYBE THEY WILL QUIT BURNING CROSSES when they understand that their dark deed will never be the final word. Heroes will spring up whenever and wherever a burning cross appears. Only a few hours after a burning cross makes the evening news, HateBusters and Clergy & Church people will appear at the victim's home to pray and sing and make plans to help the family.

HateBusters & Clergy & Church Against Race Violence will prompt churches & synagogues & police & federal authorities to work together to apprehend and prosecute cross burners. When suspects are tried, we will sit in court as friends of the victim. When the verdict is returned, we will announce to the community our assessment of what has been done.

HateBusters is a 501 c-3 non-profit organization, dedicated to opposing hate, teaching people how to like one another. HateBusters was founded in 1988 when a member of the Ku Klux Klan was elected to Louisiana Legislature. The governor invited us to come and help the state redeem itself. Clergy and Church Against Race Violence organized in 1998 when a cross was burned in Kansas City, Kansas. Local clergy led a successful community effort to secure a conviction and educate the community to the seriousness of cross burning.

When crosses are burned, we get on the telephone & internet, contact religious & political leaders in the town where the cross was burned. With our help, local leaders bring together citizens of the community, and within 72 hours of the cross burning everyone comes to the victim's home. TV and newspaper reporters come, and news of the cross burning is over-ridden by news of good people doing bold and noble deeds. Redemption has begun. The one or two or three people who burned the cross have aroused hundreds, thousands who come to prayer vigils, sign statements condemning cross burning, send money to aid victims and write love letters to encourage them.

Six crosses have been burned in Greater Kansas City since 1991. Seven men have gone to Federal Prison for burning crosses - hundreds to prayer vigils. Thousands of people publicly condemned cross burning. Thousands wrote love letters to victims. On April 11, 2000, 37 residents of Greater Kansas City were recognized as HateBuster Heroes for their leadership in organizing a massive public response to this assault on our community, an insult to our hopes of creating a loving place to live. Our 37 HateBuster Heroes included high school & college students, rabbis, mayors, preachers, city managers, high school teachers and college professors; Christians, Jews, Bahai's, Hindus, Muslims; African-Americans, Anglos and Mexican-Americans. On that April night every TV news program in Kansas City carried a story about our HateBuster Heroes. All of Greater Kansas City saw and was inspired by these 37 heroes who had risen from among us to lead us from those six dark nights of burning crosses into the bright light of high noon where we all stand up and stand together against those who hate and hurt the most vulnerable among us.

See NL 21 - how Peace Pilgrim influenced Ed Chasteen to work for peace. Now he writes: "Meeting Peace Pilgrim in the early '60s is a memory I return to time and again."

AUSTRALIA - Winnie Wildflower. A few weeks ago when I was yet again trying to make my 11 year old son see the importance of willingly doing the things I asked him to do, I said in exasperation, "Just think how would you manage if you didn't have me to guide you." (His father died a few years ago.) He replied, "I would do all those things that Peace Pilgrim says to do." That was very comforting to me.


A special note of thanks to Greg Konar, creator of the Friends of Peace Pilgrim website. Greg is stepping down as webmaster due to family and work commitments. Among many other outstanding accomplishments, Greg was instrumental in bringing the Friends of Peace Pilgrim newsletters to the internet and in making STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE available in three additional languages. Bruce Nichols, Peace Pilgrim webmaster, will now be in charge of both sites. Look for revisions and new features in the coming months.

If you haven't visited the Peace Pilgrim website in a while you should stop by and check out some of the recent additions. A portion of the site has been dedicated to following the cross-country pilgrimage of Earl (Peacemaker) Standberry II as he walks in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim to raise awareness of an attempt to place a memorial to Unknown Civilians Killed in War in the Arlington National Cemetery. You can find Earl at www.peacepilgrim.com/earl or click on the link on the main Peace Pilgrim page.

All of Peace Pilgrim's original Peace Pilgrim's Progress" newsletters are now on-line and available for reading. Beginning with #1 in 1953, they continue through the end of the sixth pilgrimage with #19. These newsletters provided much of the source material for the Peace Pilgrim book.

Additional items from Peace Pilgrim's original writing will be coming to the site in the future. Here are a few additional web sites that you might want to visit. All can be found on the Peace Pilgrim links page:

THE PEACE ABBEY -  Honoring peace heroes from around the world. The Peace Abbey posthumously presented Peace Pilgrim with the Courage of Conscious Award and was the sponsor of the 1999 STONEWALK.  Visit the website at www.peaceabbey.org.

A PEACE DEPARTMENT - One of Peace Pilgrim's petitions, carried on her first pilgrimage, called for the creation of a Peace Department. Ohio Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, is sponsoring a bill which would create a cabinet level department. Find out how to urge your support for this legislation by writing your representative. To help realize this dream go to www.house.gov/kucinich/action/peace.htm.

THE WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY - Promoting world wide prayer `May Peace Prevail on Earth' and planting of Peace Poles. Find out how to plant a Peace Pole in your community at www.worldpeace.org.


From the 6th to the 13th of December 1999, Peace Pilgrim's message once again went out over the airways. Paul Barber, host of the radio talk show "The Journey" at WELI radio 960 in New Haven, Connecticut, spent the entire week featuring Peace Pilgrim on his program. Paul's show focuses on uplifting themes of self-development and a positive approach to life.

During the show, which aired from 11 to 11:45 AM on weekdays, Paul talked about Peace Pilgrim's life and work. He also read excerpts from STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE and discussed Peace's outline for personal development and peace. Callers to the program had an opportunity to comment on Peace's message and share stories of their own inner journey. Copies of STEPS were available to people who called in to the station, either to talk or just to request a copy. Peace Pilgrim webmaster, Bruce Nichols, who had just returned to Connecticut from a visit in Hemet, was a guest on one installment and shared some of his experiences doing volunteer work at the Friends of Peace Pilgrim Center. While Paul no longer does the morning show, he continues to bring his message of positivity and personal growth to listeners of WELI on weekday evenings.

A PRISONER - Here I write to you in hopes that all may be at peace there in Hemet. As for the moment, things are a little `shaky' here in the prison system in Texas. Luckily for me here at my unit, all is peaceful. I currently remain in constant reading over and over regarding the fine book entitled, PEACE PILGRIM. I would like to extend my gratitude for the time you took in making certain that my request for literature was sent. At this moment, I would ask/request that you please send 2 copies of PEACE PILGRIM to the following persons listed below. One is for my mother to read and the other is for the Chaplain of this unit.

I have to admit that for the 10 years that I have spent here in prison, nothing comes as close to telling the truth as honestly and sincerely as does this book! I am now certain I can look forward to my journey from this day forward. so long as I have this book to turn to every time I may begin to stumble. For this I am grateful that people, such as you all, are continuing to spread the word and get the message out. I am also providing a time-sheet of my record for you to KEEP as a reminder that you all have reached a person who was once in serious trouble and lost in this life. I am now freer in my inner self and hope that every new day continues to bring me and everyone around me a better tomorrow. I close with my heart saying, Thank you so very much for your time.

BOYO COMMUNITY COLLEGE, CAMEROON - A special corner has been reserved in our library for your most treasured books, PEACE PILGRIM and STEPS. We will be delighted and grateful to receive any other books.


Arise then, women of this day!
Arise all women who have hearts,
Whether your baptism be that of water or tears!
Say firmly:
"We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies
Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage,
For caresses and applause.
Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.
We women of one country
Will be too tender of those of another country
To allow our sons to injure theirs."
From the bosom of the devastated earth a voice goes up
With our own. It says, "DISARM! DISARM!"

Written in 1878 by Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910), a leader in the crusade to establish Mother's Day. An author, reformer, and woman's rights activist, Mrs. Howe wrote the famous poem, "Battle Hymn of the Republic." She was the first woman to be elected to the American Academy of Arts.

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UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE, INDIA - A professor writes: A friend showed me the PEACE PILGRIM book while we traveled by train. I was so much taken up by the book that I did not lay it down, even for a moment. It was so inspiring and transformative. It gave me a great urge to work for peace in my own way, in my surroundings. I could not complete reading since my friend was leaving. I would like to have a copy of my own as I want to read it again and again.


For the third spring semester in a row I am requesting PEACE PILGRIM for my students. Thank you for providing this text to my students in the Introduction to Peace And Conflict Studies course that I teach every spring. Every semester many of my students thank me for introducing Peace Pilgrim and providing them with this text. I can assure you that students almost never thank any teacher for their texts. Many times I'm asked how they can obtain extra copies for friends.

What I like about the book as a text for the course is that it is very readable; it is spiritual and ecumenical; and it deals with peace at all levels - inner to global - as the course does. I also use the video of Peace Pilgrim you provided, which inevitably generates interesting discussion.

For information write: Peace & Conflict Studies Certificate at Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

FINLAND - I have been blessed to have obtained the book, PEACE PILGRIM HER LIFE AND WORK IN HER OWN WORDS.

This book is rapidly changing my life for the better. Through the book I have been able to know great things which I long yearned to know. This book has confirmed what Jesus and all of the other Spiritual Masters taught that God is within! And that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Kindly send me a current list of offerings which include books video tapes, and other materials. I shall also be glad to receive your newsletters which you offer to people upon request. Peace Pilgrim was a super-wonderful woman. Her words give me inspiration every morning and every night, and even when I am sometimes tempted or disturbed Peace Pilgrim was a true image of God!

SIERRA LEONE - You may not have heard that our country has been going through a long and vicious rebel war. It started in '91 and it has only just ended in May '99. But the peace we are experiencing now is very fragile. We women are trying in any way we can to cement the peace. I have found great inspiration in reading back copies of your Newsletters. I am hungry to get more. Our war escalated in '97 and we have hardly had communication from outside. They are just starting to come into the country again. I shall indeed be very grateful to receive newsletters. We took a package of newsletters to the post office but they could not process it because of the continued trouble over there.

NEW YORK - You provided me with Peace Pilgrim's book and booklet without requesting any money at any time. I hope my small contribution enables you to print more books and get them in the hands of more people. Peace Pilgrim's words challenge and inspire me. but the way she lived her life is the greatest inspiration of all. She not only talked the talk, she walked the walk.

KENYA - I am a young Friend (Quaker) from East Africa Yearly Meeting. I started reading the PEACE PILGRIM book and newsletters in 1991 while I was studying at Friends Theological College. Ruth Williams of North Carolina introduced me and other students to PEACE PILGRIM. She was my English teacher and she started a Peace Pilgrim class. After finishing Friends College I became engaged in Peace work within my Yearly Meeting. I am using Peace Pilgrim books in this work. I have been praying for peace. Peace Pilgrim books have helped many people in my community. I can see young people change from worse to better life. Peace Pilgrim's life is inspiring many. I am very interested in peace work and I desire to be a full-time worker in the field of Peace and Social Concerns. He wants to come to work with us.


By Mary Newswanger, Apdo 38-5655, Monteverde, Costa Rica. Email: emnews@racsa.co.cr

An inspiring article by Jemila Ericson telling of her experiences acting the part of Peace Pilgrim for a Living History project - a dream of former assistant secretary general of the United Nations, Robert Muller, to have a statue of Peace Pilgrim dedicated on the grounds of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica - and the work of film makers David Mueller and Khashyar Darvich in producing a new documentary about the life of Peace Pilgrim to be entered in the Oscar competition; - have all gone into the making of an exciting Peace Pilgrim project in Costa Rica.

The project is part of an historic peace initiative in Costa Rica known as "Costa Rica 2000: new millennium of peace." It is one very important event in a series of important events scheduled throughout the year in Costa Rica to highlight peace. The proposed statue of Peace Pilgrim was given final approval by the University for Peace in March, and shortly thereafter well-known Costa Rican sculptor, Fernando Calvo, began work on the full-size bronze statue that will require at least six months to complete.

A number of important people have been honored over the years at the University for their outstanding contributions to peace, including Mahatma Gandhi. We are proud that Peace Pilgrim's statue will stand among them and be one of the first to honor a woman for her life's work for world peace.

As part of the events planned around the time of the statue's dedication, Jemila Ericson has agreed to come to Costa Rica in her role as Peace Pilgrim to speak to school children, peace groups, and the media - as Peace Pilgrim might have done if she were alive today. Mayte Picco-Kline, who translated the Peace Pilgrim book into Spanish, will also be in Costa Rica at that time to speak in fluent Spanish to groups and the media, about her work and Peace Pilgrim's message. The producers of the film have been asked for permission to have a premier showing of the new documentary on television in Costa Rica during the week the statue is dedicated. Channel 7 is willing to consider this if a good sound track can be made in Spanish.

Of those coming to participate in special ways, many will be able to share their experiences and insights on a radio program broadcast throughout the world from the University's Gandhi Center for Communications. The dedication ceremony itself will be an international showcase for peace, hopefully coinciding with the meeting of the International Council which oversees the University for Peace.

Some outstanding speakers are being considered, including former Costa Rican president and Nobel Peace Laureate, Oscar Arias; Robert Muller, chancellor emeritus of the UN University for Peace; and Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Arun Gandhi, and his wife, Sunanda. Others might also be suggested by the Peace University before events are finalized in November.

John & Ann Rush plan to be present. One very special feature of the dedication will be to honor and recognize their eighteen years of dedicated, entirely voluntary work, along with the other compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book, in spreading her unique message throughout the world. Since Peace Pilgrim's death in 1981, they have distributed over a million STEPS booklets, half a million Peace Pilgrim books, plus many thousands of five video and four audio Peace Pilgrim tapes. Materials have been sent to over 100 countries. The book is available in 11 languages, the booklet in 25, including Gandhi's language, Gujarati, Slovenian, Swahili and four languages in India.

Peace Pilgrim is an outstanding woman of peace. The University and all who take part in these events can rightly be proud of the part they take in honoring this unique woman at this unique moment in history. The United Nations has declared the year 2000 as "The International Year for the Culture of Peace." I know of no other human being, man or woman, who worked so unstintingly to build that culture of peace in the world than Peace Pilgrim. And since her death her many friends have continued that work beyond all imagining. Therefore, a formal request has been submitted to the American Friends Service Committee, itself a past recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, to nominate Peace Pilgrim and the work of Friends of Peace Pilgrim for a Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2001. We encourage all who have been profoundly moved by Peace Pilgrim's life and work to write letters on behalf of her nomination, sharing your experiences and insights, serving to substantiate her tremendous contribution to world peace, and supporting the Nobel Prize Committee in taking this action. Letters, testimonies, and supporting data need to be received by the committee by mid-July, and can be sent to: AFSC Nobel Prize Committee, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. (215) 241-7000.

November 12 and 19 have been suggested to the University as possible dates for the dedication of the Peace Pilgrim statue. Whichever date is chosen, on the preceding Saturday, November 11 or 18, an academic seminar is planned to be held at the University or elsewhere, where people who knew Peace Pilgrim or have been influenced by her work, can meet one another and share their experiences, insights, and resources for peace, out of which perhaps a core curriculum for peace can come. We hope many will want to come to Costa Rica for these inspiring and extraordinary historic events.

If you are interested in coming, but timid about making arrangements in a foreign country, you may contact Sarah Stuckey, at e-mail jstuckey@racsa.co.cr, about an 8 day study tour of Costa Rica, which would include the events surrounding the dedication, airfare from Houston and travel around Costa Rica, with a minimum of 15 people.

If you are interested in helping financially, I encourage you to consider a generous gift to help make these events possible. Perhaps you knew Peace Pilgrim personally and were influenced by the gentle example of her life. Many more, like myself, never had the privilege to meet her, yet have been profoundly influenced by her through the efforts of her friends in printing her book, and so generously sending it to any and all who request it, without charge. Like many of you, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Peace Pilgrim and Friends of Peace Pilgrim for the spiritual classic they produced and have so lovingly and lavishly bestowed amongst us. They do not ask for financial contributions, but in these special circumstances, I ask on behalf of their work, in the interests of furthering that work in the best ways that we can possibly imagine, taking it to new levels of international recognition, and providing a broader forum for Peace Pilgrim's message.

The funds needed for this project are between $18-$25,000, depending on the statue's final placement and setting at the University. If a Spanish sound tract is made, the cost will be about $5000. We hope that many hands will make light work! This is a gem of a peace education project, which we hope you will support with joy and generosity. Some larger gifts are necessary, but the success of the project ultimately rests upon many, many small donations. Equipping the new film with a sound track in Spanish is one good place to start. Who can gauge the eventual power and impact that this film might have in the world if it is equipped with sound tracks in even a few other languages? Any funds received over and above the cost needed for the statue will go directly to the film for a good Spanish sound track first, and then into as many other languages as we have funds to consider.

This is our opportunity to give something back to Friends of Peace Pilgrim for all that we have received and to help in spreading Peace Pilgrim's message. Each contributor will receive a video tape of this historic event. The deadline to send in contributions for the statue is August 31. Other contributions for this project will gladly be received throughout the year.

For those who want to support this project, make your tax-deductible checks payable to Friends of Peace Pilgrim, but send them to Friends of Friends of Peace Pilgrim, attention: Cheryl Canfield, one of the compilers of PEACE PILGRIM, and a Friends of Peace Pilgrim board member. She will deposit your donations in a special U.S. Peace Pilgrim account and send the collected money to Costa Rica. Cheryl's address is: 20135 Pine Mountain Road, Groveland, CA 95325.

P.S. We are grateful to Monteverde Friends Meeting (Quakers) for helping with the travel expenses of Jemila to come to speak to the Costa Rican and North American children of the Friends School, enabling her to do a speaking tour and participate in all the events of the dedication. We also appreciate Lewis Randa, of the PEACE ABBEY in Massachusetts. and John & Ann Rush's making Peace Pilgrim's tunic and shoes available for Fernando Calvo to use while he works on the bronze statue at his home and workshop in San Isidro de Heredia.


By John & Ann Rush

A few years ago, Robert Muller, then Chancellor of the U.N. University for Peace, Costa Rica, suggested placing a statue of Peace Pilgrim near that of Mahatma Gandhi. We were thrilled about the possibility, but came to the conclusion it was too expensive and time-consuming for us.

We are thankful that several friends have created a committee, "Friends of Friends of Peace Pilgrim" to help us spread her message. Mary Newswanger, a member of this committee, is a Quaker pacifist living in Monteverde, Costa Rica. She found a well-known Costa Rican sculptor who will create a statue of her walking, for a reasonable amount. Mary has spread Peace Pilgrim's message before. Twelve years ago, as Secretary of the Wider Quaker Fellowship in Philadelphia, she recommended including STEPS booklets in a mailing to 3000 people in 80 countries. One of the many results - a Peace Pilgrim Centre in Moscow and PEACE PILGRIM & STEPS booklet in Russian. It will be wonderful to have a statue of Peace Pilgrim in Costa Rica, along with other outstanding peace advocates.

VISIONS OF THE STATUE'S INFLUENCE - The dedication of the Peace Pilgrim statue is expected to be an international event of stature to draw the attention of the world to this timely message for world peace. Costa Rica, the first country without an army, is in an unique position to host such an event.

Our sculptor had the beautiful idea of the statue being level with the ground, not upon a pedestal. This will create the feeling of having her among the people gathered around her, without a sense of distance. He also suggested having a level stone-like floor with the words of her mission, "This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love" written In both English and Spanish.

The grounds of the University are beautiful. Perhaps an inviting space can be created for this statue, a quiet place to withdraw, to reflect by oneself.

A sign could be placed nearby directing visitors to the library where they may read the Peace Pilgrim book and see a Peace Pilgrim video, including the documentary. We will have books, STEPS, audio and video tapes for people to take. Our address is on all our materials.

ARCHDIOCESE OF GUWAHATI, INDIA - We have gone through your STEPS booklet and PEACE PILGRIM book and found them very useful. We are very much interested in having copies of these books...We will pray for the success of your efforts. All the very best in bringing out these meaningful books.

ENGLAND - Thanks for sharing this wonderful, uplifting book with the whole world. God bless us all.


By Ernest Morgan

Now in my 95th year and with failing health, I don't expect to be around much longer. But I have a vital message to leave to the world - and especially in America.

The maldistribution of ownership and income in our country is extreme and is rapidly getting worse. Characteristically the CEOs of leading industries receive more than 400 times the pay that the rank and file workers get. Similarly, the richest one percent of the people own more of the productive resources than do a large portion of the rest of our society.

We enjoy temporary prosperity by the astronomical expansion of debt. The federal debt is now over five and a half trillion dollars, and private debt is even larger.

How can we preserve our prosperity? What is called for is an almost religious revival. Our society is dominated by a paradigm of greed and exploitation. We must as quickly as possible substitute a paradigm of caring and sharing.

It will already be found in the Cooperative Movement, and in some individual lives. My father, Arthur E. Morgan, demonstrated it in his career. In his engineering practice when he hired other engineers to work for him, he made them partners.

In the giant flood control project which he directed at Dayton, Ohio, there were five huge dams to be built which would take hundreds of men seven years. Instead of housing these men in the usual tar-paper shacks he built five beautiful villages in wooded areas. This cost a lot more than tar-paper shacks but the quality and stability of the work force were so high that it actually saved money. Furthermore, the accident rate was reduced by 85% over what was expected in jobs of that size, saving 30 lives.

I inherited my father's philosophy. Launching a business in 1925, I ran it for 44 years, sharing the leadership and income with my employees. My income was not much higher than theirs, and I deliberately ran the company as a community. I hired Blacks, Japanese - Americans and Jewish refugees from Europe on an equal basis with everyone else. In the atmosphere of community the ethnic differences ceased to matter. Our sales policies were carefully designed to fit the needs of our customers. Caring and sharing was a great success.

I strongly urge our society to shift to a paradigm of caring and sharing to make free enterprise a continuing success.

PEACE PILGRIM - "We have goodly amount of individual democracy. We are making progress on social democracy. Where we fall the shortest is in economic democracy."

MID-COURSE CORRECTION -  He is the CEO of a large company that manufactures carpet tiles for office, primarily. He has come to make the decision to attempt to lead his company in a direction which will help him contribute to creating a SUSTAINABLE WORLD through progressively reducing their use of fossil fuels and materials and energy, and has found that his company can, in fact, be even more profitable by so doing.

A CLOISTERED NUN IN INDIA - May God reward you for these books. We distribute them to our visitors - those who come to us seeking comfort and consolation. Also to preachers who pasture God's flock. All appreciate them.

What we need today is peace. The Kingdom of the Prince of Peace needs to be extended all over the world. The STEPS booklets are very practical. The world needs to learn the magic of forgiveness.

We will never be able to pay you in cash for your generosity. We shall certainly do it by our poor prayers. Both you and we shall fight the battle for the same cause - PEACE THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING. Today, India, our beloved country, known for its spirituality, is under the influence of evil. The people are suffering - the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.


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