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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

     Here is a list of our publications. In the spirit of Peace Pilgrim, we offer them freely to all who ask. Many of our friends inquire about sending a donation which are welcome but are not necessary to receive our offerings. For the latest listing of our offerings download a pdf of our Offering Sheet.

     Friends of Peace Pilgrim is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your gifts and our all-volunteer staff make it possible to send our publications to the unemployed, to prisoners, to those who are working for good causes at low wages or as volunteers, and to others who cannot send gifts. All donations go directly to our work, helping us to continue producing and distributing materials to all who ask. Your donations and bequests are tax-deductible.

       If you want to be on our free newsletter mailing list, please let us know. It is our policy not to trade, sell or distribute our mailing list.

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     Sharing books with friends and relatives is the way Peace Pilgrim's message has traveled around the world to over 100 countries. You can help by sending Peace Pilgrim materials to those you think would be receptive to her message.

Download a pdf of our Offering Sheet.


PEACE PILGRIM, HER LIFE AND WORK IN HER OWN WORDS (standard edition), 224 pages. Compiled by five of her friends after her transition in 1981. The words were gathered from PEACE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS newsletters, tapes of her talks, personal letters, interviews, and news articles. She relates many of her experiences during her 28 years as a pilgrim, gives examples of dealing lovingly and fearlessly with violent and confused persons, and tells some of her unique solutions to problems. Her thoughts on peace, prayer, simplicity, and the way of love portray the life of a joyous person. Link to our (Internet Edition)

To receive a free copy of the book

PEACE PILGRIM (compact edition), 224 pages. This book is the same as the standard edition except it is smaller. It is a handy pocket book size, 4 3/8" x 7 1/4". The type is reduced only 10%; its margins are narrower; it weighs less than half as much, and costs much less to print and mail. Many students prefer this edition. It is easy to carry.

PEREGRINA DE PAZ--SU VIDA Y OBRA EN SUS PROPIAS PALABRAS.(Spanish edition of the Peace Pilgrim book) (Internet Edition)

STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, 32 pages. Peace Pilgrim shared this booklet with her friends. She relates her own steps toward inner peace and gives ideas about working for world peace. This little spiritual classic may be mailed with a letter in a small envelope for one stamp. Many people send STEPS with greeting cards. (Internet Edition)


DELUX LARGER PRINT EDITION OF STEPS (12 point type, 64 pages, 5" x 7") This attractive edition of STEPS is especially appropriate for those who require larger, easier-to-read type.

We also have limited quantities of Steps in Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. Contact us for availability.

Languages available for reading "Steps" online (some in pdf format) include: Thirty Languages available.

OTHER LANGUAGES--the Peace Pilgrim book and STEPS booklet are available in other languages. Please visit our Translation Sheet page for additional information.

PEACE PILGRIM, AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE by Ann Rush, 16 pages. Reprinted by permission from the yearly journal, ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT, Jan., 1992. Peace Pilgrim's life is traced from her ordinary beginnings through a transformation to a life of unusual commitment. Pieced together from interviews, letters, and her own words, her early life story unfolds, showing the steps along the way to a life of total service.

PEACE PILGRIM CHILDREN'S COLORING BOOK. . 26 large pages by Barbara Werner and Gary Guthrie.


PEACE PILGRIM INTERVIEWS DVD Includes a short TV program from PM Magazine, a 25-minute interview for WIFR‑TV in Rockford, Illinois, a 30-minute interview at Pensacola Junior College, and our 24-minute Highlights video.  This DVD is subtitled in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and French.  It also includes a wealth of DVD-ROM extras in PDF format and in several languages. 

PEACE PILGRIM LECTURES DVD This disk contains over three hours of video including talks given to students at California Sate University, a question and answer session with students at the University of Georgia, the Pensacola Junior College Interview, and the PM Magazine profile. (View Cal State online - Hour 1 - Hour 2)

PEACE PILGRIM DOCUMENTARIES DVD   All of our documentaries are now bundled onto one DVD disk.  Included are: both English and Spanish versions of PEACE PILGRIM: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk (one hour - View online)). A professional quality documentary film, about Peace Pilgrim’s life with much new historical footage and interviews, introductions to the “Sage” documentary in English and Spanish, and THE SPIRIT OF PEACE. (71 minute) an earlier documentary featuring interviews with those who knew Peace Pilgrim and those who were inspired by her message.

DVD offerings will only be available until current supplies run out. Visit the audio/video page to view videos online.

BACK ISSUES OF OUR NEWSLETTER. All of our newsletters as well as those that were published by Peace Pilgrim while she was on her pilgrimage are available on this website. Most are in html format some are also pdf. Please visit our Peace Pilgrim Newsletter page for additional information.

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If you would like to receive a printed copy of our free newsletter, please let us know.
It is our policy not to trade, sell or distribute our mailing list.

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